Labour Brokers help you find a complement of temporary labour staff for your company. They handle all associated human resources while adhering to the laws surrounding labour legislation, disciplinary processes and I.O.D’s (injury on duty). The benefits of hiring a labour broker are immense, but most importantly, it will free you up to see to the running of your business as opposed to handling disciplinary hearings, labour law suits etc.

Excellent Understanding of Labour Laws

Labour brokers have a strong understanding of the current LRA, BCEA and Bargaining Councils – offering you and your company protection against industrial action that could include lengthy hearings and paperwork. By using a labour broker, your key personnel can focus on the core needs of the business and you can take advantage of last minute business opportunities.

How to Find a Reputable Labour Broker?

The labour broker industry has taken some heat over the years – some not even adhering to the basic employment regulations. Do not make the mistake of aligning your business with one that is associated with underpaying staff, unfair dismissal or similar. Go with a reputable labour broker company with a big name in the industry. Kempston Employment Solutions, for instance, is a nationwide leader in the field whilst offering fair wages and treatment to its staff. Get in touch with them today if you need trained, vetted and reliable staff – truck drivers, van assistants, cashiers, telemarketers or other employees for your business.

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