If you’re looking for contemporary art, then Lionel Smit is just the guy to jazz up your home or office space with fresh modern prints, paintings or sculptures. Lionel Smit is a contemporary artist who creates art in multimedia format namely, canvas, sculpture, silkscreen, video and public installations. His art is celebrated locally and internationally at galleries, art fairs and in public spaces.


Lionel Smit resides in Cape Town, South Africa and over the past 10 years has gained a substantial international following with collectors all over the world wanting to secure their piece of Lionel Smit art work.


Lionel Smit’s artwork is engaging, fresh and sometimes provocative but never trashy or sensationalist.


People from all walks of life, even those who were never art lovers before, find themselves gravitating towards Lionel Smit’s artwork in its various forms. Look him up on instagram or visit his website www.lionelsmit.co.za to see what all the fuss is about.