Kempston Employment Solutions have established themselves as the company to assist you with professional temporary staffing solutions. They hire all their staff full time so you don’t have to. Their turn around time is fantastic as they have a vetted pool of employees at their finger tips.

If you are looking for a labour broker in Johannesburg (JHB), Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth or East London; Kempston Employment Solutions can be of assistance.

Recruiting staff can be a lengthy and time consuming process. Kempston Employment Solutions saves you time and money by taking over this role including all admin relating to recruiting staff such as payroll and disciplinary procedures.

Kempston Employment services the blue collar industry, providing staff for roles such as cashiers, drivers, warehouse staff, general workers, van assistants and cleaners.

Kempston Employment Solutions allows you to focus on your core business while handling labour management. They have extensive knowledge surrounding labour laws and will handle all grievances and CCMA cases.

Contact them today to see how they can assist with your staff requirements.

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